Tuned nature management in transboundary area of Estonia and Latvia


Title of the project: Tuned nature management in transboundary area of Estonia and Latvia

Short name: Green Corridor

Project Funding: Green Corridor´s total budget is 331 055,48 € and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) share is 274 776,05 €

Project Duration: 26 months (from 01.11.2011 to 31.12.2013)

Project lead partner: Latvian Nature Conservation Agency, Vidzeme regional administration, Sandra Ikauniece, sandra dot ikauniece at daba dot gov dot lv  

Project partner: Estonian Environmental Board, Põlva-Valga-Võru region administration
Kristine Palm, kristine dot palm at keskkonnaamet dot ee  

Project area: Estonian-Latvian border region, including Karula parish, Taheva parish, Mõniste parish, Varstu parish, Rõuge parish, Haanja parish, Misso parish. Larger protected areas on the project area are Mustjõe, Paganamaa, Luhasoo, St. Peter's River, Hino and Parmu landscape protection area.

Aim of the project: A common environmental value data base to assist responsible decision-making, as well as to develop a mutually agreed management, monitoring and development activities in cross-border area.

The key activities of the project:
Compose joint management plan for the project area. It will help us to understand legislation connected with nature value conservation, management practics, protected species and habitats, voluntary people involvement, National monitoring scheme in both countries;
Joint inventory of nature values in the project area. Particular attention will be paid to the capercaillie, Great snipe, flying squirrel, Hermit beetle, European roller, river mussel, various species of butterflies and dragonflies;
Improvement measures for great snipe and capercaillie populated habitats, wooded meadow restoration, renovation of rivers;
Monitoring of nature values, involving the local community;
Evaluate the cross-border protected territory concept, potentials and management.