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Nature Centres

The Environmental Board maintains 9 nature centres across Estonia. The centres provide a wide range of opportunities for carrying out events and study programmes connected with environmental education.

A visit to a nature center provides a good opportunity to become more familiar with the protected areas located in different parts of Estonia. Additional opportunities are offered by an environmental education bus, a nature center on wheels, in Harjumaa, Järvamaa, and Raplamaa.

Comprehensive permanent exhibitions introducing the nature and cultural heritage of the area are housed in all national park centres and in many protected areas. Depending on local facilities and conditions (classroom, hiking trails), study programmes, whose subjects tie in with topics being covered in schools and preschool institutions, have been developed for all nature centres. The programmes being carried out at the nature centres offer an opportunity to experience nature with different senses, take part in age-appropriate environment-themed games, and acquire knowledge of nature in the area.

The outdoor study programmes being offered by the nature centres help children make connections between the knowledge and skills acquired in physical science lessons with practical life.

The nature centres serve the local community as mediators of information related to environmental protection and nature conservation. At the centres, environmental Board employees carry out public information days, seminars, conferences, and nature evenings.

See the map of nature centres in Google Maps. 

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