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Wild animals in the city

Wild animals are not pets, that is why care must be taken when coming in contact with them.

When you see a big animal (moose, deer, roe deer, wild boars, bears, etc.) moving in the city, please call the Environmental Inspectorate hotline 1313. In the case of small animals, you should call only if they are in a helpless state (for example, their feet have been caught somewhere, etc.).

  • Avoid contact with animals – they may be sick; there may often be parasites (fleas and ticks, etc.) between the hairs/feathers of the animals/birds. They may also be aggressive and attack.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with all animals and birds. They may take it as a sign of aggression.
  • Keeping a wild animal at home is not allowed by law. Wild animals may spread various diseases and may become dangerous to people, pets and other wild animals living free in the nature.

Roe deer. Photo: Tõnu Talvi

Roe deer. Photo: Tõnu Talvi

Moose in the city

It is the bulls during the rut (in the autumn, October-November) or year-old heifers in the spring (April-May) that end up in the city the most. Bulls are the strongest and the most aggressive ones.

  • If you see a moose in the city, please call the Environmental Inspectorate number 1313.
  • Please behave as calmly as possible with the animal and give it space, because it needs a way to back away or leave. Direct the people away from its path, do not try to direct the animal in a suitable direction. This is how you can avoid it from becoming aggressive and placing your life and the lives of bystanders at risk.
  • Never be between the cow and the calves. In a big city, the probability of such a situation is extremely small, but it is the most dangerous one out of the possible situations which may occur. The plaintive mooing of the calf may cause the moose a reflex to attack anyone. If you are dealing with a calf, it should be prevented from making a sound, if possible. In this way, you decrease the possibility of the attacks of the cow.

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