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Wild game may be hunted on hunting grounds (area which is suitable for wild game to live freely and which is used for hunting purposes).

Hunting grounds are not areas designated by plans within cities, towns and small towns and clearly defined built up areas of villages, i.e. densely populated areas, as well as recreation and leisure areas where safe hunting is impossible. Hunting grounds also do not include zones in protected areas where hunting is prohibited by a law (e.g. rules for protection).

Hunting grounds are in turn divided into hunting districts, the area of which within a circular boundary is at least 5,000 hectares. Hunting districts are granted into use with a permit in proof of right to use hunting district.

Pursuant to the Hunting Act, the big game are the moose, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, brown bear, wolf, lynx and the grey seal. The list of small game can be found in hunting rules (see reference below).

Big game in a hunting district may be hunted or permission therefor may be granted only by the user of the hunting district.

Pursuant to the Hunting Act, the landowner has the right to:

  • organise small game hunt on their land;
  • enter into agreement for organisation of hunting activities on their immovable;
  • establish conditions for hunting or prohibit hunting;
  • initiate replacement of the user of a hunting district;
  • make proposals to the hunting council for making of changes to boundaries of a hunting district.

The user of a hunting district is required, on the basis of a valid hunting certificate, to issue a hunting permit free of charge for hunting small game to a land owner hunting on their immovable or a person designated by the land owner. The permit is issued for free.


A person incurs hunting rights when they have valid documents verifying the hunting rights and when they have paid the fee for the hunting rights.

The fee for hunting rights is 10 euros per year. The fee may be paid on the website of or by mobile.

Upon issues or failures during payment, please contact the customer support of by telephone 611 8000 or by email

Documents verifying hunting rights are:

  • hunting certificate;
  • hunting permit;
  • list of participants in a hunt (required only for a collective hunt);
  • a shooting test certificate for big game;
  • a shooting test certificate for bowhunting.

As of 1 October 2009, documents verifying hunting rights are issued by the Estonian Hunters’ Society and its member organizations.

More information:

Payment for hunting rights on the website of

Issuing documents on the website of the Estonian Hunters’ Society

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