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Early Warning System

The tasks of the Early Warning System are to survey the radioactivity level in different environs which will allow the estimation of the radiation load for inhabitants of Estonia and to provide background information for environmental scientific research. The second main task is timely to provide warning information about an off-site radiological emergency which could affect the country.

For the environmental surveillance purposes a permanent monitoring network has been applied containing 10 fully automatic stations and 3 semiautomatic ones. These stations are measuring both the total gamma dose rate as well as dose components caused by different isotopes. The artificial radioactivity of air particles and aerosols is monitored by analysing sample filters from three localities. From artificial isotopes only minor concentration of 137Cs is detected in the air from Narva-Jõesuu (NE of Estonia).

The Division of Radiation Monitoring is responsible for elaboration and management of the early warning system alarming about possible radiological threat to Estonia. Main source of warning information is the automatic monitoring network which forwards the alarm message to the server in the Department if the dose rate level exceeds the preset alarm value. This information will be sent further automatically to specialists of the Department and corresponding authorities who can begin situation analysis and make decisions for countermeasures within 15 minutes.

Dose rate of total gamma radiation daily averages, nSv/h as textfile (measured at open ground 1-3 meters above from ground). Division of natural background is up to 300 nSv/h, level of protective actions > 1000 nSv/h.

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Final EPREV Report 1 (1013.21 KB, PDF)

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