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Species action plans

Action plans are prepared to protect or manage the species.

Action plans are prepared to improve the state of threatened species. The preparation of the action plans is organised by the Environmental Board primarily with regard to the species of the first protection category and the species regarding whom activities have been implemented but these have not ensured a good state of the species or to species whose protection is required by international agreements.

Species management action plan is prepared if the number of non-native or problematic species needs to be restricted, since the increase of the number of the species could cause significant negative impact on the environment or a threat to the health or property of people.

Commission of the organisation of species protection and management that includes the specialists of the Environmental Board and the Ministry of the Environment and species experts approves the action plans after completion. Director General of the Environmental Board confirms the species action plan. All confirmed action plans are available at the homepage of the Ministry of the Environment. As of 2017, the action plans are confirmed by the Environmental Board and these can be found at the homepage of the Environmental Board. Information on species action plans under proceeding can obtained from the Bureau of Species Protection of the Environmental Board.

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