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State fees

State fee must be paid before requesting the performance of an act.

Upon failure to pay state fee, the Environmental Board may refuse to review the application or set a new date for the payment of state fee at the first opportunity.

State fee rates have been provided in the State Fees Act.

The Environmental Board is obligated to charge state fee for performing the following acts based on the acts mentioned below:

Payment of state fees

Payment by bank transfer

Name of the beneficiary: Ministry of Finance

Bank account of the beneficiary:

SEB Bank – IBAN EE 89 1010 2200 3479 6011; BIC or SWIFT-code – EEUHEE2X
Swedbank – IBAN EE93 2200 2210 2377 8606; BIC or SWIFT-code – HABAEE2X
Luminor Bank – IBAN EE 701 7000 1700 1577 198; BIC or SWIFT-code – NDEAEE2X

Reference numbers:


Review of applications for permits in proof of right to use hunting district and making of changes to boundaries of hunting district (basis: the Hunting Act and the State Fees Act sections 97–971)


Review of applications for licences for release of genetically modified organisms into environment and licences for marketing of genetically modified organisms and proceeding of applications for permits for transfrontier movement of waste (basis: the Waste Act, the Nature Conservation Act and the State Fees Act section 96 and section 100)


Grant and review of applications for integrated environmental permits (basis: the Industrial Emissions Act and the State Fees Act sections 124–125)


Issue of national activity licences (basis: the Waste Act, the Radiation Act, the Forest Act, the Plant Propagation and Plant Variety Rights Act, the Atmospheric Air Protection Act, the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act and the State Fees Act sections 94–95, sections 98–99, section 101, sections 131–132, sections 104–1041, section 344)


Acts of certification and packaging of forest tree seeds (basis: the Plant Propagation and Plant Variety Rights Act and the State Fees Act sections 134–135)


Review of applications for grant, amendment or re-registration of permits for geological exploration of mineral resources, permits for general geological surveys and permits for extraction of mineral reserves (basis: the Earth’s Crust Act and the State Fees Act sections 121–123)

In the explanation of the payment, the following must be marked (subsection 9 (4) of the State Fees Act):

  • the act for which the state fee is paid or reference to the provision of the State Fees Act which establishes the rate of the state fee;
  • if a state fee is paid for another person, the name of such person shall also be indicated.

NB! The text of explanation has to be typed in Latin alphabet. Upon payment by bank transfer from a bank in a foreign state, the person who makes the payment undertakes to cover all expenses related to the transfer (subsection 10 (1) of the State Fees Act).

More information on the payment of state fees to the state budget can also be found at the homepage of the Ministry of Finance.

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