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Agriculture and NTA

One of the most significant sources of nutrient loading is agricultural nutrient loading.

As a result of intensive agricultural production, plant nutrients are being transported to surface and groundwater. The main effect of nutrient loading is the eutrophication of bodies of surface water. The organic substances, microorganisms, ammonia, and nitrates transported to the groundwater can significantly degrade the quality of the groundwater.

To protect human health and aquatic ecosystems and to control nitrate pollution connected with agricultural activities, a Pandivere and Adavere-Põltsamaa nitrate sensitive area has been established by regulation of the Government of the Estonian Republic no 17, 21 January 2003, “Protection rules for the Pandivere and Adavere-Põltsamaa nitrate sensitive area”. To reduce the effect of nutrient loading arising from agricultural activities, a nitrate sensitive area action plan has been drawn up, which will be reviewed and revised if necessary in four years time. The current action plan 2016-2020, was approved by the Government of the Estonian Republic on 21 July 2016.

    Photo: Milvi Aun

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