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Informing the board of breaches

In protecting the environment, it is important to inform the authorities of breaches and pollution as quickly as possible.

Since a lot of incidents occur outside of working hours and on weekends, information can be provided by calling the national hotline 1247, which operates round the clock.

Information can also be submitted by e-mailing

People also find themselves with questions and concerns about the environment, such as:

  • what to do if they find a large pile of rubbish or dangerous waste in the forest;
  • whether a baby bird or animal they have found, which appears to be on its own, needs help from humans;
  • who needs to be informed of an animal that has been injured or killed on the roads; or
  • whether a stench in the air points to an environmental breach.

What should you inform the board of, and when?

Call the hotline if you notice any of the following:

  • Pollution (or the threat of pollution)

  • Illegal logging or fishing or any other unlawful use of the environment

  • Illegal storage of waste

  • Large numbers of dead birds, fish or animals

  • Animal abuse

  • Other breaches of environmental law

The 1247 hotline operator will register your information and forward it to the inspectors in the relevant county according to the agreed procedure. Your information will then be dealt with by the inspectors.


How quickly will we respond to the message?

The response depends on the content of the message. In cases requiring urgent intervention (where there is a serious risk of pollution or where illegal activity is taking place), inspectors shall endeavor to arrive as soon as possible. However, for example, a notification of a pile of waste found under a forest does not require an immediate inspection. This will be done as soon as possible.

The more accurate the information, the easier it is for the inspector to find the place in question. Normally, the contact details of the caller are also taken so that details could be specified if necessary.

Upon detection of a violation, the Environmental Board also conducts proceedings (depending on the violation, either misdemeanor or criminal proceedings).

The state information telephone 1247 is managed by the Emergency Response Centre.

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