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The Environmental Board is a government agency subject to the Ministry of the Environment.

Our role is to exercise national environment use, nature protection and radiation safety policies and to contribute to the preparation and improvement of all environmental legislation and other official documents. The Board became operational as of 1st February 2009 and was established on the integral basis of environmental services, nature conservation center and radiation center.


The Environmental Board is managed by the General Director Riho Kuppart (on the picture).Riho Kuppart. Photo: Joonas Sisask

To set an appointment with the General Director, it is necessary to register with his referent by sending an e-mail to

The deputy directors are Leelo Kukk and Erik Kosenkranius.


Mission of the Environmental Board

The Environmental Board creates and sustains a good living environment both on a current day basis and with a view to future generations.

We ensure a good living environment, by including residents, developers and all our partners by improving nature preservation and protecting biodiversity.


Vision of the Environmental Board

The Environmental Board effectively forms and conserves the living environment.

The Environmental Board is the best center of expertise in the field and relies on knowledge in its decision-making.

The Environmental Board is a good and successful employer.


Basic values ​​of the Environmental Board

  • Honesty
  • Cooperation
  • Caring for and respecting life
  • Openness
  • Goal-orientated activity


All researches related to the Environmental Board can be found in the document register.

Legislative acts and guidelines related to the environmental service sectors may be found in the sector headings. All legislative acts of the Republic of Estonia may be found in the State GazetteRiigi Teataja“.


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