When and what to report?

In the first place we are waiting for reports of pollution and environmental violations, but there are still a number of environmental issues and problems that people turn to the Environmental Board.

Call 1247 if you notice:

  • environmental pollution or risk of pollution;

  • illegal logging, fishing or other illegal use of nature;

  • illegal dumping of waste;

  • mass dead animals, birds or fish;

  • cruel treatment of animals;

  • other environmental offenses.

The operator of the state information telephone 1247 registers the received notification and forwards it to the inspectors of the respective county, who proceed with the notification in accordance with this agreement.

In addition, people face a variety of environmental concerns and issues, such as:

  • how to act if someone finds a pile of rubbish or hazardous waste in the forest;

  • whether a bird or animal pup found and seemingly alone needs human help;

  • to whom an animal injured or killed on the road must be notified;

  • whether the unpleasant odor in the air does not indicate a breach of the environment. 

How quickly does the message respond?

The response depends on the content of the message. In cases requiring urgent intervention (where there is a serious risk of pollution or where illegal activity is taking place), inspectors shall endeavor to arrive as soon as possible. However, for example, a notification of a pile of waste found under a forest does not require an immediate inspection. This will be done as soon as possible.

The more accurate the information, the easier it is for the inspector to find the place in question. Normally, the caller's contact details are also taken so that details can be specified if necessary.

Upon detection of a violation, the Environmental Board also conducts proceedings (depending on the violation, either misdemeanor or criminal proceedings).

Last updated: 29.06.2021